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Spring and Summer in the San Juans

Southwest Colorado is lovely this time of year. Sunny and warm during the day, perfect for outdoor fun, and dark and cool at night, making it ideal for stargazing. The warmer temperatures bring a vast array of activities for you to explore like theater productions, train rides, and the 4th of July. The 4th of July is considered one of the largest fireworks productions in the Nation. In 2009, Silverton had approximately 15,000 people in town to witness the fireworks display! Silverton has nearby ghost towns, cemetery tours, mill and gold mine tours, along with mining competitions. The Alpine streams and lakes offer excellent cold water fishing, and the fly fishing is the best.

Silverton celebrates many music festivals. Silverton has it’s own small Brass Band performing in the middle of Greene Street, along with a professional Brass Band that meets once a year, and a Barbershop Quartet concert.  Some of Silverton’s eateries sponsor the “Taste of Silverton” walk where you stroll from place to place sampling the special of the day with live music playing in the street. There are Museums, an old west jail, stage coach rides, and gunfights to entertain you. For hikers, horse back riders and other single trail enthusiasts, there are many alpine lakes, birds, wildlife and wild flowers galore to explore a real photographers dream. Whether you are exploring ghost towns and mining camps left over from the 1800s along the Alpine Loop or taking in the beauty of the mountains, Silverton is the perfect base camp!




World-class upper Animas River whitewater rafting right out of Silverton. At peak flows this is one of the most demanding commercial whitewater runs in the U.S.  During the rest of the season, which is 80-90% of the time, this is a trip for most anybody with a sense of adventure and a love for the outdoors. Lower Animas River rafting also available.




Some of the country’s best four-wheel drive roads are found in the area around Silverton. The famed Alpine Loop and Picayune Gulch provide lots of side roads and wildlife sightings. Jeep rentals are available if you want to explore these roads on your own. If you prefer to ride along, several guide companies will be happy to take you into the high country.


Horseback Riding

An exciting way to see the San Juan Mountains is by horseback. You’ll find several stables and outfitters in the area to help. Let these guides also show you into the backcountry for summer thrills, spectacular wildflowers and big-game hunting.  Horseback riding is a fun option for those wanting to tap into their inner cowboy or cowgirl. Giddy-up!



The San Juan wilderness offers a wide spectrum of river, fly, and lake fishing options. Many rivers and streams are within easy reach from Silverton and the high alpine lakes offer up excellent pan-size trout. Town-owned Molas Lake Park, 4 miles south of town, provides crystal, clear waters and is a popular spot to cast your line.


Mountain Climbing

The San Juan National Forest offers many opportunities for climbing, from scrambling through canyon rock jams, following an arduous but rewarding  trail to a  peak, or challenging yourself on a technical climb up an ice wall. Whatever your physical ability or level of skill, the surrounding area has many places to meet your interest.


Nature Walks

Families with young children can easily make the little trek up Kendall Mountain, while those looking for a challenge, may enjoy waking up early to summit the various 14. San Juan National Forest provides 1.8 million acres of beautiful nature walks, wildflowers, wildlife viewing, and a chance for serenity.



Silverton is surrounded by wilderness that can be wildly explored using four big wheels and hefty power. There is a great place nearby we recommend for rental vehicles accommodating one to four passengers. Old historic mines, hidden lakes, mountain passes, forest trails, and a variety of wildlife such as moose and elk, are all possible sights in the backcountry.  See local links for maps and guide information.



Hiking opportunities abound in the San Juan Mountains! Das Haus is close to many trails of varied lengths and difficulties providing something for everyone. While most trails pass through forests, a good portion of them reach above timberline, where trees are unable to grow and views are breathtaking.  No matter where you end up, you will be mesmerized by the beauty and will return wanting more.


Mountain Biking

Das Haus is located near countless miles of trails and roads accessible by mountain bike. Many single- track backcountry trails offer riders of all levels of experience fun and challenging rides. Famous routes such as the Hermosa Creek Trail and the Colorado Trail attract back country mountain bikers from across the nation. See local links for maps and trails.